Style Inspiration: Clara Oswald

Clara is my favorite fictional character ever. You might not agree with me, but you have to admit, she wears really cute outfits. I actually did edit an overview of her outfits in season 7 quite a while ago and posted it on tumblr, you might have seen it, after all it was my most reblogged post. I did another edit not so long ago of the outfits she wore in season 8. Anyway I will include those pictures in this posts and tell you which outfits are my favorites.

I did this kind of thing for other companions, too. Check it out here.


It’s hard to pick a favorite from season 7, all her dresses are super cute.
Anyway in my opinion the best one is definitely from Journey to the Centre of the Tardis. It’s my favorite color and a skater dress, which I prefer to all other dresses.I wish I had something similar to this, but with a lower neckline, that would suit me better.




tumblr_nkfjuxUBgP1sujwyro4_1280There are also a lot of cute outfits in season 8.
Of course my favorite is from Mummy on the Orient Express, I’m a sucker for 20’s inspired fashion and this dress is just absolutely gorgeous! I wish these kind of dresses wouldn’t be so expensive and anyway I wouldn’t know when to wear it, except for traveling trough time and space.

I love the blouse she’s wearing in Into the Dalek. It’s red, duh, of course I love it! Besides the print is really eye-catching (worst pun ever).

Last but not least her outfit in The Caretaker, the one with the patterned skirt.
Love the skirt, love the blouse, love how well those items go with eachother. I also love her makeup in this one, it’s the perfect addition to the outfit.

Which outfits do you like the most? Tell me in the comments!

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