Study Tips For University

Just a small collection of tips to help you study.

Start early

Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you that this is the most important thing when it comes to studying. You can be way more relaxed when you start early!

Set small, achievable goals

When you study the whole day, you can easily loose motivation to continue the next day. When you set small goals, like revising a specific topic or summarizing a few chapers from a book, you won’t get tired of learning so fast.

Reward yourself

This is essential to not loose motivation, while studying. Reward yourself with a nice meal, or a long bath or whatever makes you happy. Keep in mind that your reward shouldn’t be too time consuming. I love nothing more than watching YouTube videos, but I just can’t stop once I’ve started.

Just get started

The hardest part is to just sit down and get started. But once you do, you might even enjoy learning, after all your classes should interest you, otherwise it might not be the right course of studies for you.

Find the right learning environment

I can learn best when I’m at home, because my internet is crappy, so I can’t even distract myself. Everyone has another place where they can study best, you just have to find it!

Write don’t type

I can always remember something way better when I’ve written it with my own hand instead of typing it on my computer.

Borrow some books

Most professors have book recommendations for their class. It’s way easier to look something up in a book than to google it, because most sites that pop up on google don’t deal with the topic as profundly as you need it.

Free your head

My head is always racing after a study session. It’s important to relax, so just do something to free your head like sports or just take walk or take a nap. Don’t turn on your tv right after you finish studying, it might doesn’t feel like it, but when you’re watching tv you get overwhelmed with information, which might makes you forget about what you just learned.

Learning in groups

Meeting with other students and discussing at topic together is a great way of studying. You can help eachother and you socialize at the same time.

Eat and drink healthy

If you feel uncomfortable in your body, learning is the last thing you want to do. Eat and drink healthy to be energized and motivated.

Get enough sleep

I usually go to bed between 10pm and 11pm and I don’t know how people can handle it to stay up all night studying. It’s important to get enough sleep, especially right before your exam.

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