What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You?

Can you guess someone’s personality by their facebook profile? Well, at least the University of Cambridge is trying! Let’s see how accurate it is!

A fellow student showed me this a few days ago. You just have to click this link


and log onto facebook to get your results.

Let’s check out my results!

Age and Gender

ageWell, this is pretty accurate. I’m actually 20 but I feel like a teenager anyway. And I’m female, in case you didn’t know, so that’s right too.

Sexual Preferences and Relationship Status


I’m 1% lesbian? I’m kind of disappointed, considering all my girl crushes I should be at least 50% lesbian. But after all this was created by looking at my facebook profile not my tumblr! Anyway I showed this to my best friend, who is a lesbian and her result was 2%. But it doesn’t surprise me, why would my sexuality influence what I like on facebook anyway? Let’s take a look at my relationship status. That is quite a BIG no, I’m actually in a relationship.

Personality and Education

educationWell, let’s get to the fun part and look at my personality!

Openness 33% “I’m conservative and traditional”, which I don’t agree with. In fact I’m really open-minded.

Conscientiousness 2% “I’m spontanous and flexible”. Hahaha, NO! I hate to be spontaneous. If you want me to do anything, you have to tell me at least a month in advance, otherwise I decline!

Extraversion 15% “I’m shy and reserved”. Well, it finally got something right!

Agreeableness 16% “I’m assertive and competitive”. Not really I’m a really relaxed person when it comes to competition. I prefer to help people, when they struggle with something anyway.

Neuroticism “I’m emotional and stressed”. No way, I’m the most relaxed person you’ll ever know. And I wouldn’t consider myself emotional at all (except when it comes to TV shows then I’m VERY emotional).

Now let’s take a look at my education. The biggest part is IT with 29% followed by Nursing 13%, Psychology 11% and Engineering 10%. I actually study Electronics and IT. It obviously guessed IT right but Engineering should have had a higher percentage.

Political and Religious Orientation

politicsThere’s not much to say about that. In both cases it’s right. I’m uninvolved in politics and I’m not religious.

Satisfaction and Intelligence

happinessI seriously wonder how that happend. According to this website I’m a super unhappy person. But I’m really not. I do love my life right now, I’m exactly where I want to be.

I don’t really know how exactly they define intelligence on their website, does 50% mean your inteligence is average and 100% you’re a freaking genius? Or does 50% mean you’re not really smart and 100% means pretty clever?

If you try this, let me know in the comments! Does you facebook profile reflect your real self of did it totally get you wrong?

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