Exam Weeks Are Over!

This semester I had to take six exams in three weeks. Because I started studying a month before, I wasn’t stressed at all, I even had time to read three books. Anyway, I haven’t been watching a lot of tv series while I studied, now that I’ve way more time to spend I will catch up with some shows. Do you have any tv shows you want to watch over summer break? Let me know in the comments! Here’s what I wan’t to watch!

1. Grimm
The reason I didn’t watch the “new” episodes yet, is because I didn’t realize that they already aired. I actually have an app that tells me when new episodes are airing, but I hadn’t used it for a while, by the time I finally used it again, there were so many new episodes of Grimm that I decided to wait until I have time to binge watch them.

2. Orphan Black
I’ve binge watched season 1 and 2. My best friend tells me to watch the latest episodes, so she has someone to talk about it. Anyway I was really confused after season 2 and season 3 doesn’t seem to be any less complicated. That was the reason I waited until all episodes have aired and I have time to watch them, so I might be able to understand what’s happening.

3. Arrow & The Flash
I’ve loved both of those shows, but I wasn’t able to keep up with them, I’m excited to start watching them again, especially Arrow!

4. Supernatural

My life basically is a tale of falling from one obsession to another. At one point I was seriously obsessed with Supernatural. While season six and seven kind of made me want to stop watching it at all, when I was bored I watched season 8, which was amazing and the last season I’ve watched, I’m really excited to get into this series again.

5. Once Upon A Time
I stopped watching OUAT during the Peter Pan plot, I think it was in season 3. But I’m kind of interested to see what happened after that, I don’t even know how many seasons this series has, I might not watch all of it if there are too many episodes I haven’t seen yet.

6. Pretty Little Liars
This is the only series in this list I’m up to date with and of course I will continue to watch it during summer break. Even through I didn’t enjoy season 4 and 5 as much as the first three seasons, season 6 finally got me excited for the story again. How else thinks the whole “Leslie might be A” storyline they was ridiculous? This girl so way to emotional! A needs to be cold and calculating, otherwise he/she would have been caught already! Anyway the last episode was great. I won’t spoil anyone who hasn’t seen it, but wasn’t that card Alison’s dad received the creepiest thing ever?

When I’m in the mood I might  watch American Horror Story season 3 and 4, Daredevil and/or Orange Is The New Black.

Of course I will be reading some books too, but I never plan which ones to read, I just pick the book I’m in the mood to read. Anyway I will hopefully finish the Southern Research Trilogy und the Darkest Minds Trilogy.

I also want to work on my cosplay for next year’s Leipzig Book Fair.

And I want to edit some fan videos.

What are your plans for summer break?

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