My Most Anticipated TV Shows of Autumn

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

daisy lash

Well there’s not much I can say about this show, except: THIS IS MY FAVORITE TV SHOW! I love it so much! I’m really excited to see more Inhumans and to get to know what happened to Simmons! The first episode of season 3 “Laws of Nature” will air on 29. September. I will definitely share my thoughts about season 3 on this blog.

Doctor Who

clara twelve

I love Doctor Who, it will be really interesting to see the Doctor’s and the Master’s relationship in season 9. Also I’m thrilled to see Jenna Louise Coleman again, she’s a great actress (my favorite actress actually). The first episode “The Magician’s Apprentice (1)” will air on 19. September.

Heroes Reborn

heroes heroes1

I really liked Heroes, except season 4 (did anyone like that season?). I’m happy that this tv show will be revived, I’m a sucker for any tv show, that features humans with powers. The trailer looked great, I can’t wait until the first episode “Awakening” airs on 24. September.


cas supernatural

To be honest I kind of wanted to stop watching this show at season 6 and 7, but I’m glad I didn’t, because season 8 and 9 are great, I still have to watch season 10 though. Season 11 will start in October. Season 11, that’s crazy, rarely any tv show I’ve watched has made it to 11 seasons! Anyway the first episode “Out of the Darkness, Into The Fire” will air on 7. October.

Once Upon A Time

emma emma1

I just recently caught up on that show and I loved the Wicked Witch and the Snow Queen storyline! I’m so excited to see Dark!Swan. The first episode of season 5 “The Dark Swan” will air on 27. September.

What are your most anticipated tv shows of autumn?

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