Fashion Wishlist | Autumn 2015

I really love autumn when it comes to fashion. Here are some things I’d love to wear.

Faux Leather
leatherforever21, forever21

I actually own quite a lot of faux leather pieces: skirts, a dress, leggins, vests. But you can never have enough, am I right? I adore this crop top it’s so gorgeous. I hate the fact that there are no forever21 shops in Germany, of course I could order it online, but I hate buying clothes online.


suedeforever21, forever21, asos, forever21, asos

I love suede, I’ve seen a few pieces at h&m but they never fit me :/


plaidforever21, forever21, forever21

Of course plaid can be worn all year around, but as soon as the temperature drops everyone seems to get out their flannels, count me in! I’d also love to buy a cute plaid dress.

Cute Dresses

cuteasos, forever21, forever21

Okay, that’s not really autumn specific, but I saw those cute dresses while I searched for everything else you have seen on this list and I had to include them.



forever21. black milk clothing, asos

I’ve seen the black milk vest in the middle of summer, I actually wanted to include it in my June Wishlist, but it’s not really summery, so I waited until autumn. If black milk wouldn’t be so expensive, half of my closet would probably be filled with those super cool black milk skater dresses, but I just can’t afford it.

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