I’m Not Into Boys…

I guess the headline can be quite misleading but that’s why I chose it.  When I say “I’m not into boys”, I’m not saying I’m a lesbian, in fact I have a boyfriend. For some reason I have to know a guy for like six months or longer before I can even think about him in a sexual or romantic way. I’ve tried explaining this phenomena to other girls before, but  no one except my best friend seems to get it. That’s why I’m sharing this today, because I wanted to know if anyone out there is like me, or if I’m just a weirdo.

It’s just something that really bothers me, since so many other girls talk about guys all the damn time, and I just don’t care, there’s no topic that’s less interesting to me. They’ll be like “omg, this guy is so cute, what do you think?” and I just want to roll my eyes and walk away.

Like seriously a university friend (who’s the only other girl in my semester) showed me her instagram feed once and there were so many (mostly topless) guys on it and she was like “omg, this guy is so hot” and “wait, I need to show you this other guy, he’s even hotter”, and I just thought: Please stop, they are not attractive to me because I don’t know them, argh. Plus most of them had a full beard, which I find really unattractive. If you look like santa clause you’re not getting in my pants, ever. (No offense to anyone who likes full beards, it’s just my opinion)

But at least there’s something positive about it (or at least I think it’s positive) and that’s the fact, that I never minded being single, because if I don’t care about guys and don’t think about them in a romantic way, I won’t be unhappy when I’m not with them. I think that’s kind of relaxing because I just don’t worry about this kind of “problems”.

I could write more about this but I don’t want to ramble, just tell me, can anyone of you relate to me? Please tell me in the comments. If you think I’m totally weird and you’re opinion completely differs from mine, tell me too.


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Into Boys…

  1. Fiona says:

    Hey, have you ever heard of the term demi-sexual/romantic? It’s is basically where you only feel sexual and/or romantic attraction to someone after you form an emotional bond. (If you’re going to go into details with labels here- demi people normally label themselves demi-heterosexual/romantic for example. As in, only form sexual or romantic feelings for someone of the opposite gender after forming an emotional bond. And then there’s demi-bi, demi-homosexual etc etc)
    I’m personally not demi, but there are heaps of people that are! (Not saying that you are, or that you have to label yourself as it- but what you’ve said in this post basically sounds like the definition of demi.) You’re not weird, heaps of people are demi, even just feel the same about romantic/sexual attraction as you! If you want to have a bit more of a read into it, just google demisexual and there’s heaps of resources!
    (And I’m so so sorry if you’re offended by this- I’m not trying to tell you that you’re demi- at the very least it just sounds like you’d relate to people who are and know you’re not the only one who feels this way! I’m personally aromantic and it was a massive relief to find out that it was a thing and my feelings were actually a thing and shared by a lot of people!)

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  2. Jocelyn @ 52Letters says:

    I can totally relate to this, especially the part about not really caring when other girls fawn over pictures of hot guys. (And the beard thing…wow it’s like you took a scene out of my life…lol) I find guys hot, but I don’t care about obsessing over celebrities, and I don’t get the insta-crushes that other girls seems to get.
    Anyway–you’re not weird! Or at least not alone in your weirdness. 😉

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