Thoughts on “The Mortal Cup”

The first episode of Shadowhunters , a tv show inspired by Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments Series, aired this week. When I first found out that there will be a tv adaptation of the TMI Series I was quite excited, when the first trailers came out my interest in this show decreased quite a bit, because they looked somewhat trashy (Please don’t hate me for this!). I was positively surprised by the pilot “The Mortal Cup”. Of course the plot is not 100% like the books, but I liked the little changes they made so far. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, I’ll explain the changes (that I noticed anyway), keep in mind though that it’s been a while since I’ve read the books and I actually haven’t read book 5 and 6 yet.


Mundane Blood?
One of the biggest changes is by far the fact that someone hires Downworlders to collect mundane blood. What for? Who hires them? I’m definitely curious about this and I think it’s a nice addition, it adds a mystery to this show, especially for those who have read the book and know what’s about to happen. It could be Valentine, he would be the obvious character to experiment with mundane blood, since he experimented with demon and angel blood in the books, why not change it a little bit for the tv show? I really hope it’s not him though, because that would be way too obvious! And I like the thought that there might be another villain out there, maybe even a completely new character?

Clary and Jocelyn
I liked the fact that Jocelyn tried to talked to Clary about being a Shadowhunter, even through Clary was totally freaking out at that moment.

The Institute
I like the more modern spin on the Institute in the tv show, with big touch screens and all that jazz. Anyway there were so many people in the background, which was kind of irritating, because in the books it basically just Isabelle, Alec, their parents, Jace and Hodge that stay there.

Like I said, I don’t mind the changes that much. I’m really excited for the rest of the season. One thing I’d like to add is that I think the actors/actresses did a great job at portraying the characters so far. I really hope to see a bit more of Magnus Bane in the next episodes, because who doesn’t love Magnus Bane? And of course Isabelle! She’s my favorite character in the books and I really enjoyed Emeraude Toubia in the pilot.

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