Guilty Pleasure: Extreme Fashion

I love to scroll through pinterest and instagram to see really bold fashion pieces. Or to watch youtubers how have a really specific and interesting style. I don’t own anything extreme, I would like to though, but it’s mostly really expensive. Anyway I thought it’s a cool topic, hope you enjoy it.

Because I’m someone who get’s excited about anything really fast, I’m really bummed when I find out later that what I like is either super expensive or that the shipping charges are ridiculously high. So I decided to include the prices and shipping charges in this post. Tell me, if you like this idea. I would definitely appreciate it, if other people did this. By the way, I’m sorry that I put three different currencies in this post, I hope it isn’t too confusing.

A discovered this website through instagram and they sell really interesting shoes and bags. And I like that it isn’t too expensive, maybe I’ll order something from this website in the future (I’m not to sure though, because of the shipping)?

Sea Treasure Bag – $38.00Uniskelly Purse – $39.00 , UFO Crossbody Bag – $45.00


US: $4.95 (free shipping over $75)
Canada: $8.95 (free shipping over $75)
UK, Australia and New Zealand: $10 (free shipping over $100)
Rest of the world (220 countries): $20-$35 (free shipping over $200-$350)

ZombiePeepshow (Etsy)

I heard of this etsy shop, when I watched Kelly Eden’s shoe collection video (which is hilarious btw). I don’t think I’d wear any of these, but they’d are just incredible! By the way this shop is based in Texas, but I didn’t know how to change the currency on etsy, that’s why everything is in €.

Mermaid Shoes – 236,23 , T-Rex Shoes 236,23 €


There’s a list of countries, so you can select where you’re from. I click through a couple and it seems to be the same shipping charges (54,52 ) for any country (except US). There isn’t a general price for the US, you have to type in your postal code to get the price.

Irregular Choice

I’ve been familiar with this brand for a while, because I watch Chyaz on youtube. I really like the fandom related shoes they do. I’m actually not a big Star Wars fan, but those shoes are incredible!

One Lump Or Two? £199.00 , Skywalker £210, Millennium Falcon £160


UK: £3.00-£10.00 (there’s quite a few delivery services to choose from, so I just included the highest and lowest price)
Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany and Netherlands: £5.00/6.25€
Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Poland: £7.50/9.38€
Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Latvia: £10.00/12.50€
Non-EU and Rest of World: from £10.00/12.50€/$14.50
USA: $9.95 (free shipping over $100)



As far as I know these and bags are only sold on Yahoo! Auction Japan. They are really popular and sell for $500-$700. I stumbled upon one on amazon, but I doubt it’s a legitimate offer because it’s sold for under $200, I just can’t imagine it’s possible.

If you know any other shops I might like, please tell me. Especially if they are affordable and are Europe based, because I hate paying much on shipping.

I’m kind of want to create really extreme DIY shoes, would you like to see that? I have a pretty cool idea, I’d still take suggestions though.

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