My First Lootcrate + Shipping Experience

I ordered my first Loot Crate! I choose the “Loot For Her” (Loot Wear option, formerly lvl up). Which basically means you get cool wearable fandom related items, which I love. Let me know if you wanna see a fandom/merch lookbook, because I have quite a collection.

Anyway, the first time I ever heard of Loot Crate was when I watched Bunny’s (Gav3yardgirl) unboxing video and I immediately knew I wanted to get one, too. Unfortunately I was too late to get the June’s Loot Crate (Theme: Distopian, featured fandoms: Ghostbusters, Firefly, AOT) and the one that followed didn’t really spark my interest (Theme: Futuristic). August’s theme was Anti Hero and the featured fandom was Harley Quinn so I decided to get it. I know I’m quite late with this post, but I didn’t receive my Loot Crate until the 15th of September.

In this blog post I want to talk about my first impression of Loot Crate and my experience with the shipping process to Germany. If you don’t care about the shipping just scroll to down to the pictures.


Well, let’s just say that my experience with the whole shipping process makes me hesitant to order another Loot Crate. First of all I want to say that I read basically all FAQs on Loot Crate’s website regarding shipping and problems that might occur, when shipping outside of the US. So I knew it might take a bit longer to arrive. Anyways, it might be interesting – for anyone who isn’t from the US – to know that you’ll get a tracking code. Whoever tracking the package is only possible until it reached your country, after that there’s probably no way for you to determine where your package is. At least that’s the case when you ship to Germany.

So according to the Asendia tracking information my Loot Crate arrived in Germany at the 31st of August. On the 9th of September I contacted the support team because neither my Loot Crate nor a letter from the customs office arrived until then. (By the way their support team is really nice!) So since they couldn’t give me any further information except for the Asendia tracking information, they suggested I contact my customs office.

So I emailed my customs office with all information I had – the shipping company, tracking code, date my package arrived in Germany and my address. I was positive that they would be able to determine where my package is, but my hope was crushed! They simply told me that they don’t save these informations and that I should contact „Deutsche Post“ (German Shipping Company) if I want to get any further information.

Unfortunately you can only phone the Deutsche Post support team, there’s no email address (there would have been an option to contact them on social media, but I didn’t think that they would answer in time). I find it a lot easier to formulate my thoughts while writing, than actually talking to someone on the phone, so I was pretty bummed about that. So I had to call them and gave them the tracking info, but that didn’t help. Apparently to track a package once it arrived in Germany you would need an international tracking code (or the national one of course), I didn’t have either! Like I said I only had the one from Asendia.

So I basically had no idea what happened to my package or where it is. Since Loot Crate’s support team told me to contact them again, if I didn’t get any information until the 12th of September, I informed them about it and they wanted to send me a replacement. Anyway on the 14th of September I got a letter from my customs service to tell me I can pick it up there. According to the letter it arrived at the customs office in Jena (town where I live) on the 9th of September, so I just wonder why it took so long for the damn letter to arrive.

If you’re from Germany and want to order a Loot Crate (or anything else from a different country) you should know that you have to pay 20% taxes (“Einfuhrumsatzsteuer”) on anything over 22€. When you don’t pick up your package until a certain date you’ll also have to pay a storage fee of 50ct per day. Since I ordered Loot Wear for 17.99$ (16,64€) and picked it up the day after I got the letter, I didn’t have to pay anything.

Anyway let’s see what was in August’s Loot Wear:


It’s a Harley Quinn skirt, YAY!

It looks like it’s nicely made and will last quite a while. Red is my favorite color and I love Harley Quinn, so I’ll get a lot of use out of it. It’s quite short. That doesn’t bother me though, it’s getting colder so I can just wear opaque tights underneath. Even through I really like this skirt, I was kinda disappointed that I only got one item. Because on their website it looks like you get a ton of stuff when you look at the “Past Items” section.

Have you ever ordered a Loot Crate or another subscription box? If so tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to know!


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