Official Doctor Who Cookbook – Review

I ordered the new Official Doctor Who Cookbook and wanted to share my first impression of it. I’m really particular when it comes to food, so I’d always like to know what kind of recipes are in a cookbook I’m interested in. That’s why I wanted to list every recipe at the end. Including a short description to help you decide whether you’d actually want to eat any of it.

The Basics:
There are 40 recipes in total, 16 of them are savory, the rest is sweet. Most of the recipes are  vegetarian but nearly none are vegan. Keep in mind that this isn’t a revolutionary cookbook, most recipes are pretty basic, the fun lies in the decoration.


Firstly I want to say that this book is very nicely made, it’s just gorgeous inside and outside and is therefor great for any massive Doctor Who Fan like me, even if you don’t cook. Cookbooks can be quite expensive, but this is quite reasonably priced (13,99€ on amazon Germany atm), so that’s another plus. It’s also quite thin, which I appreciate, because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. In my opinion there’s a good mix of simple and challenging recipes in the book. The instructions are detailed and seem very easy to follow.

However there’re also a few things I didn’t like.


Since DW is a British TV show and Britain uses the metric system, I expected the measurements to be in grams and liters, but everything is measured in cups or ounces. That annoys me so much, especially because Doctor Who is an internationally loved TV show, it would’ve been nice if everyone could use these recipes without a convention chart. Why not include measurements in cups/oz. and grams/liters, temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and gas mark?

Do you sometimes watch British or American cooking/baking videos and think: “Where the f* would I buy this shit?” Well, that certainly happens to me.  Same thing happened when I read through some of the recipes. Like where the hell do I buy squid for a “Inside a Dalek Salad”, especially if you live in a small town that doesn’t have a wide variety of shopping facilities to choose from. Same applies to some baking equipment, which I guess could be bought online, but I’m not too keen on online shopping.

Some recipes don’t include pictures of the finished meal. I marked those with a * in the list at the end.

Very sweet and unhealthy:
Maybe I’m a little bit bias, because I’m not the biggest fan of sweets. Like I’ve mentioned there are 24 sweet recipes. Whether or not you like sweets or not, it’s needless to say that all sweets are quite unhealthy because they contain a lot of sugar. However I’m used to cake that isn’t overly sweet and usually contains a lot of fruit, which is definitely better than cake that consists of very sweet dough and butter cream and fondant (which is probably packed with chemicals), which applies to all recipes in the Egg-Stir-Mix-Bake category (they look quite neat though).

Well, I feel like this sounds so negative! But don’t get me wrong I do love this book and don’t regret purchasing it at all. I gotta admit though, that I’ll probably won’t cook a lot of things that are in this book, I’m not really one for following recipes anyway. However I think this will inspire me to come up with my own (healthier) DW-inspired recipes or at least try something new. I would also suggest this to anyone who plans a Doctor Who inspired party. Stuff like the “Ood Head Bread”, “Davro’s Third Eye Brownie”, “Zygon Pie” or “Shortbread Smilers” would also be great for a Halloween party (even if your friends don’t know anything about DW), so it’s perfect for this time of the year. When I recreate anything from this book I’ll share it on this blog. I marked the recipes I want to try with a ♡.

clbig * → no pictures included; ♡ → want to recreate

Speed of Light Bites

  • Antraxi Snax – savory snack
  • Cybermelts – sandwiches that look like cybermen
  • Krilliane Monster Muffins ♡ – savory muffins 
  • Timey-Wimey Watch Scones – savory snack
  • Sonic Screwdri-veg – Vegetable kebabs
  • Fish Fingers and Custard – homemade fish fingers with a cheese sauce that looks like custard
  • Pasta Bow Tie Salad*
  • Munchie Mire Warrior ♡ – bread 

Tardish of the Day

  • Ood Head Bread ♡
  • Slitheen Cuisine – potatoes assembled to look like a Slitheen
  • The Doctor’s Blackboard – vegetable casserole, aubergines for the blackboard, cheese sauce/goats cheese as chalk
  • A Pizza Cassandra – basically pizza that looks like Cassandra
  • Zygon Pie ♡ – pie with sweet potatoes filling and sausages for decoration
  • Who-gazy Handmines ♡ – small savory hands as decoration that can be stuck in any dish, including a recipe for a fish pie
  • ‘Inside a Dalek’ Salad ♡ – salad with noodles, vegetables, squid, eggs
  • Picnic at Asgard – chicken pie
  • The Impossible Girls Impossible Recipe* – blueberry souffle


  • Extermi-cake – Dalek Cake
  • Dalektable Army ♡ – Dalek Cupcake, they look so cute!
  • Sweet Silence – Silence Cake
  • Sally Sparrow’s Weeping Angel Cake – looks like the wall in the old house
  • Time And Realtive Dimension in Cake – round cake to resemble earth with a TARDIS on top
  • Christmas Snowman – fruit cake, marzipan and icing
  • Peek-a-Boo Pandorica – pinata cake

Hello Sweeties

  • Fruit Salad Eye Stalks – pretty self explaining
  • Exterminated Jelly Skeleton – green jelly with meringue bones
  • Adipose Pavlova ♡ – fruit filled meringue cake
  • Davros Third Eye Brownie ♡ – chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting, colored pear for the eye
  • Time Rotor Sodas – lemonade & ice
  • Banana Party Pops*
  • Fancy A Jellybaby?
  • Gallifrollipops – chocolate lollipops

Tea Time Lords

  • Cookie Who’s Who – cookies
  • Kookie K-9 – gingerbread K-9
  • The TARDIS – cookie TARDIS
  • Shortbread Smilers
  • Jammy Dodgers
  • Captain Flapjacks*
  • Judoon Cream Horns*
  • Exterminate-a-Cake Pop – cake pops that look like Dalek skewers


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