Recent Makeup Purchases

Welcome to my “I’m so sick of neutrals” haul. I love playing with makeup, but I only owned neutral eyeshadows before and IT BORED ME! So I picked up a few colorful things! I’ll include swatches. Please note that I’m from Germany, therefore there might be products in this haul that you can’t get elsewhere. Hope you enjoy anyway.

Makeup Revolution London Eyes Like Angels Palette
Omg these colors are so pretty *-* I have tried a few of these on my eyes but not all. Generally they’re very pigmented and smooth.


Trend It Up Scarabeo Eye Shadow in 20 and 40
I just really liked these colors, haven’t tried them yet, but they seem pigmented.

Catrice Eyeshadow in 910 My Mermint
This is very sheer, which is actually great because you can put it over any eyeshadow to create a beautiful minty sheen, while the color underneath is still visible.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 87 Mauve Crush
Everyone always raves about these cream eyeshadows and when I saw
this beautiful baby blue with a pink shift I couldn’t resist! However this is definitely the flop of this haul! This is so patchy and you can’t make it even! The shift is also not visible once you applied it, or maybe it would if you could apply it opaquely and even.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 932 Clay Crush (matt)
The only neutral in this haul, but I rarely find any brownish nude lipsticks that suit me, but this looks awesome.

Tell me what your favorite drugstore makeup items are, I’d love to know.


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