Fashion DIY #1 – Fandom Basecaps

I’m a big fan of nerdy or fandom related fashion and when I saw this picture:

Summer vibes getting real 🌞🌸🦄✨also a huge thank you for 50K! That's crazy!!😽

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I knew I wanted to make my own customized basecap. So I just bought a simple black and a grey one from amazon for around 4€ each. I choose black because I wanted to recreate the design from Pokemon Go. On the grey one I wanted to include some of my favorite fandoms or just things I love. I choose grey instead of white because I didn’t want a harsh contrast between the hat and my dark hair.

I’ll talk you through step by step and give you some tips along the way.

Your Idea
The first thing you have to think about is what you want to paint on your basecap and what color scheme you want to go for. I decided to only use black, white, silver and a tiny bit of gold, so I can wear it with everything. Don’t rush this, think about it for a while until you’re completely sure what you want. Keep in mind that the space is quite small, so choose something that you can actually accomplish. Of course that depends on your general artistic skills and your experience with painting on fabric. I’ve painted on a lot of tshirts before, so I was quite used to it. However even if you never painted any clothing item before, I think painting on a cap is pretty easy because the fabric is not elastic, it’s not so different from painting on canvas. Searching for references and fanart that is easy to recreate, can definitely help you. Whatever your idea is, draw it on paper first and try different arrangements of the things you want to include on your hat. I started drawing different ideas and arrangements even before I even received my hat, just to see how I want to position everything and whether I’m actually capable to do it. Because if you can’t pull something of on paper with a pen, you’ll probably fail to paint it on your fabric.

I used fabric paint for both hats, however in my experience acrylic paint is just as water resistant as fabric paint, so use whatever you prefer or have on hand. Of course when it comes to brushes and paint everyone has different preferences. But I think for this kind of DIY its important to use the right fabric paint. The paint you use should be quite thick, because you just have a lot more control opposed to a runny consistency. The more thicker paints are usually more opaque too. For a reference the consistency I’m talking about is similar to acrylic paint, so if you use this anyway you should be good to go. When it comes to brushes, I’m not an expert and don’t know anything about terminology, however the basic difference I notice in paint brushes is whether or not the bristles are soft and easy to bend or not. For canvas I always go for the harder to bend ones, but for painting on fabric I prefer the softer bendable brushes. Of course use whatever you prefer, those are just my preferences. I’d also suggest a very small brush, depending how small/detailed your scene is.

Once you bought your hat, or maybe you have one lying around, trace the space you want to cover on a piece of paper, cut it out. You can know use this as a guideline to draw your idea on paper. It might take a while until your happy with the arrangement. Once you’ve done that, you can either replicate that freehandedly on your hat. Or if you mess up proportions like I do, you can use foil or cardboard to cut out the shapes in the size that you need and use these to draw it on your hat.


Draw different ideas/arrangements on paper first!


Use foil or cardboard to create stencils. This will ensure you get the proportions right.

Not much to explain about this part, just make sure you clean your brush, when using a different color and to press your brush carefully unto a tissue or something else to extract as much water from it as possible. This will prevent your paint to get very runny, which might cause you to mess up.

Correcting Errors
If you messed something up that’s not the end of the world! You can always try to correct it. If your color is opaque enough you should always be able to paint over the mistakes you made. I messed up the shield logo. The black wing parts on the right side actually bleed together. Bbecause I just cleaned my brush before painting this part and the water made the paint too runny. I fixed that by adding small daisies around that area to fix my mistake and on top of the logo just to make it look better.

I have a few more fashion DIY ideas for fall/winter, follow me if you want to see them.


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