NYX & Forever21 Wishlist

I guess this seems a bit random, but there’s a reason I choose this two brands. I’m going to Berlin to see TATINOF next weekend, which I’m so excited about, but that’s a completely different topic!  I’m also excited for another reason. I’ll finally get my hands on NYX products and there’s also a forever21 in Berlin (one of only two forever21 stores in Germany!).

I love this store, because their clothes are unique, pretty and so affordable! I also follow them this brand on social media and omg they share the most amazing chokers on their pinterest, I’m predicting leaving this shop with at least ten of them! Here are a few I liked:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Because I’m so excited I also browsed through their website, just to get a feeling for what they have in stock at the moment and there’s one dress that I’ll definitely try on (hopefully it looks good!). Just look at it, isn’t it wonderful. I guess I’ll buy it in both colors, depending on how this looks one me.

Velvet Dress

Anyway let’s get to NYX. A few months ago a couple of brands, that were not – or only sparsely –  accessible in Germany before, were introduced to German drugstores. NYX is now available in dm, Makeup Revolution London in Rossmann and Sleek in Müller. There’s no dm near me, that carries NYX. But when I’m in Berlin, I can totally raid the whole NYX counter! From what I’ve heard on YT or blogs most of their products are amazing. There’re quite a few products I want to check out:

Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk and Rust
Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights
Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

Butter Glosses in Cupcake and Peaches and Cream
Liquid Velvet Cream in Stonefox

Angel Veil Primer
HD Photogenic Concealer Wand
Definition Finishing Powder in Banana

Hopefully all products will be available, I don’t know how big the NYX counter will be. If you tried any of these, let me know if they worked for you or not! What else can you recommend? Tell me what your holy grail NYX product is!


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