Youtube Made Me Buy It (Drugstore Edition)

This is basically a list of products I saw on YT (or on other blogs), that seemed so good that I needed to buy them. This post will be long, so let’s get into it!

Maybelline Color Tattoo
Everyone talks about these! You probably can’t watch a “Drugstore Starter Kit” or “Drugstore Favorites” video without seeing this product. Therefor I had high expectations. I expected this product to be very smooth, pigmented, easy to apply in an even layer and easy to blend. Well, let’s just say I was crushingly disappointed!
I didn’t choose everyone’s favorite color, which seems to be Nr. 35 “On and on Bronze”/”Bad To The Bronze”. Maybe that color is great, however I choose Nr. 87 “Mauve Crush”. That name is so unsuitable though, it’s a beautiful baby blue duo-chrome color with a gorgeous pink shift!


There’s no way I can get this opaque and even on my lids! And the shift is not visible on the eyes. When I spend a long time letting one layer set and putting on another layer, it get’s semi opaque and even, BUT it emphasizes the texture of my eyelids so much. I didn’t even know they’re so textured, because I never ever had that problem with anything else! It only works in a sheer layer, maybe this eyeshadows are designed for a sheer application, but I’m not digging this color when it’s sheer. If you use these, how do you apply them and do they work for you?

Alternative: The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are more opaque, easier to work with and you get a greater variety in color.

Essence Nude Higlighter

I first saw a German Youtuber (Mamiseelen) compare this product to  MAC’s Soft and Gentle. Supposedly it’s a dupe, but without glitter chunks in it. The Youtuber I just mentioned used both products on different sides of her face and it looked identical.

Firstly I have to say, it has glitter in it, especially if you try to built this up to an intense highlight, it’s very noticeable. It also has a weird yellowish color compared to my skin tone, which makes it look super weird on my skin, if I build it up. Secondly I can’t built it up to the intensity that I saw in the video. KathleenLights also used this in a video and of course it looked glowy and perfect, I just can’t get it to work the same way.
It’s still a good product, it’s just not what I expected. I like to set cream products with this powder or dust it lightly all over my face, when I’m wearing foundation.

Alternative: The Catrice Liquid Metals are a lot better in my opinion, if you want a mirror like glow without glitter in. You have a bigger color selection too, so whether you like a cool or warm toned highlight, you’ll be able to choose what you like. The only one I own is ‘030 We are the Champagnes’, which is a beautiful gold . Unfortunately these eyeshadows are no longer available in Germany, otherwise I would have bought other colors, too.

Right: Essence Nude Highlighter (all over the check)  Left: Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in ‘030 We are the Champagnes’ (on top of the cheek bones)


I’ve always wanted to try this brand because it’s praised by so many people. It’s now easier to get NYX products in Germany, so I tried a few.

NYX Butter Gloss

I don’t have a lot to say about this product, except it’s great. It’s nicely pigmented, moisturizing and comfortable to wear. Just what everybody promises. Of course it’s a gloss, so it’s not long wearing.


Alternative: However I know it’s agonizing to hear everyone rave about NYX, when you can’t get your hands on it. So I want to recommend something, that could potentially be a easier to access for most people. The Maybelline Color Elixirs are slightly more pigmented and a little less sticky (even though I wouldn’t categorize either product as sticky). Both products stain your lips slightly, but the Maybelline’s gloss stains the lips evenly, while NYX’s only stains my bottom lip, but that’s a general problem I have with lip stains.  However Maybelline is more expensive (8,95€ for 5ml) in  comparison to NYX (5,85€ for 8ml). Maybelline’s color collection is very small (10 shades online, less at the drugstore) compared to NYX (34 shades).



left to right: NYX Cupcake, Maybelline 085 Hibiscus Haven, Maybelline 400 Alluring Coral

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

I own two shades ‘Milk’ and ‘Rust’ and they’re quite different in formula. ‘Milk’ is a lot creamier, easier to apply evenly and easier to blend. However ‘Rust’ is still very nice. So you can’t go wrong with this product. I think the color selection is great and I’ll definitely get more colors in the future.

NYX Liquid Suede
A lot of people mention this product when talking about affordable liquid lipsticks. However I’m getting more confused after every review I watch. Some people say it doesn’t dry down completely, other people say it does. Some claim it’s extremely long lasting, other say it wears off quite easily.
I haven’t tried any other liquid lipsticks before, but I wanted to try these. I bought ‘Stone Fox’ because it appealed to me the most and I wanted to try the formula before buying any more colors. The color selection is great, there are your standard reds, pinks and browns, but also unique colors like purple, blue and grey.  The nude selection isn’t big, but when it comes to nudes I prefer traditional lipsticks anyway.

The texture is creamy and light weight. This shade is opaque and even. The applicator is horrible though, way too big and round. I used a lip brush to to outline my lips, then filled it in with the applicator. It doesn’t dry down completely but it’s still very matte. It transfers slightly. Because this is a very intense color I wouldn’t suggest kissing anyone, you’ll leave gray stains. I could image, that this is less of a problem with a more natural color. I wore it on NYE for 6 hours and my lips didn’t feel dry at all. After two hors of wear time I ate a very greasy meal and noticed a lot of transfer while eating. However, when I checked it afterward, it looked fine. If you looked very closely it was a bit patchy, but it performed better than I expected. After eating I reapplied it, it seemed to wear of a lot faster after that, maybe I should have blotted my lips before reapplying.

Are there any products you bought because of YT? Who is your favorite Beauty/Lifestyle YouTuber?


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