My Favorite YouTubers

I love watching YouTube videos and I follow a lot of people. I guess most YouTubers in this list are well known. So if you know any small channels I could like, please tell me in the comments!


Jenn Im / clothesencounters

(pictures: IG @imjennim)
Flirty, edgy, sporty or glamorous? Jenn Im rocks all these styles and looks effortless while doing so. I love her collection of statement tops and chokers and the way she mixes fabrics and textures. Even her more casual outfits never look boring. Her way of dressing is pretty close to my own style, so it’s very inspiring. Her channel revolves primarily around fashion, but she also posts vlogs, makeup tutorials and chitchat videos. Her lookbooks are perfectly edited, at least for my taste, she spends just the right amount of time to show the details of the outfit and there’s always a head to toe shot.

Tess Christine

(pictures: IG @tesschristinexo)
From all the fashion YTs and bloggers I love, Tess has the most casual style. Usually casual clothing is not my thing, but her outfits never look boring, even if they’re very simple. Her channel is also mainly focused on fashion, but you’ll see some makeup every once in a while, too. She lives in New York and does a series of her favorite places to visit in NYC. Her ‘Get The Look’ videos are probably what she’s know for the best. What I mentioned about Jenn Im’s editing, definitely applies to Tess, too. She also puts a lot of effort in her Halloween videos, which are probably my favorite to watch.

Victoria / inthefrow

(pictures: IG @inthefrow)
If you’re a luxury addict, you’ll love Victoria. I personally can’t understand how people can spend so much money on bags, shoes or other clothing items. However I still love her style, even though I wouldn’t wear any of it. She’s always elegant and put together. Most of her content is fashion related, but she also includes beauty in her videos and posts a lot of hauls.

Makeup Reviews and/or Tutorials

Mariah Leonard

(pictures: IG @mariahlleonard)
May I introduce you to my most recent girl crush? I just think this woman is awesome. She thoroughly explains any pros and cons of the products she reviews, often referring to other products that are similar but work better or are more affordable. She speaks her mind freely and is the most eloquent YTer I’ve come across. In her tutorials she incorporates trends, but puts her own spin on them. Whether she creates a natural or more colorful look, they always seem edgy yet very wearable.


(pictures: IG @jkissamakeup)
Jkissa is an incredible MUA. From colorful to neutral colors, from soft to glam to edgy looks, her makeup is always flawless. For tutorials she’s my favorite, because she explains everything so well. I love how she takes deeper skin tones into consideration, she always mentions shades that would work better for darker skin tones. I also love her intros, in the beginning of every video she mentions two things she loves. She also incorporates indie or lesser known brands into her makeup looks, which is great, if you want to discover new brands. My favorite videos are her “Play Dates”, in which she tries out eyeshadow palettes for the first time and only uses shades from that palette. She’s also cruelty-free, in case you’re interested in cruelty-free products.

Mykie / glam&gore

(pictures: IG @mykie_)
On Mykie’s channel you’ll get a great mix of SFX as well as avantgarde and “normal” makeup tutorials. She’s very creative, talented and a lot of fun to watch. It’s clear that she puts a lot of thought and effort into her videos.


(pictures: IG @kathleenlights)
Kathleen’s channel offers a great mix of reviews and tutorials. She explains exactly why she likes or dislikes a product. She just focuses on the product itself and doesn’t get lulled in by the packaging or a company name. Her tutorials are also really nice.

Tati / glamlifeguru

(pictures: IG @glamelifeguru)

Do you want to see five beauty videos a week? Then you should follow Tati. She has a good mix of drugstore, high-end and luxury products on her channel. I also appreciate that she tests every shade in a collection, so you know which shades are different in texture or performance.

Emily Fox

(pictures: IG @beautywithemilyfox)
Her channel focuses primarily on product reviews. Emily – like most in this list – thoroughly explains why a product works or doesn’t work for her. She’s probably best known for her lipswatch videos. I also love her booktube channel BookswithEmilyFox.

Overall Lifestyle

Suzie / hellooctoberxo

(pictures: IG @hellooctoberxo)
Beauty & Fashion Hauls, styling videos and makeup tutorials can be found on Suzie’s channel. Even though her makeup looks don’t tend to look that different, I still like to watch them, solely because I like her personality. She incorporates a mix of luxury and highstreet beauty and fashion into her videos.

Mira / FunnyPilgrim

(pictures: IG @funnypilgrim)
I’m German, but I don’t tend to watch a lot of German YouTubers. However, one I really love is Mira. Her channel revolves around fashion & beauty. Her DIYs are also great. On her second channel -yummypilgrim – she shares great vegan or vegetarian recipes, which always look super delicious.

Kelly Eden

(pictures: IG @kellyeden)
On Kelly’s channel you’ll see videos about fashion, beauty, gaming, anime and art. I love the mixture of her content as well as her quirky personality.

Jackie Wyres

(pictures: IG @jackiewyers)
Jackie creates head to toe looks in her videos, combining makeup, hair and fashion. Her makeup looks vary from natural to dramatic to edgy, with a pop of color every once in a while. Her fashion style is mostly girly and bohemian. When it comes to hairstyles, she’s super creative and creates intricate but also easy hairdos.

Rosie Bea

(pictures: IG @rosietheginger)
Rosie’s channel revolves mostly around beauty & fashion. I also really enjoy her vlogs.


(pictures: IG @simply_kenna)
I love Kenna’s fandom related DIYs, they’re always super pretty and unique. She also shares her poems and art on her channel, as well as fashion and makeup.

Harmony Nice(131K Followers)

(Pictures: IG @ peachycinnamon)
I just recently discovered Harmony Nice, yeah that’s her actual name. She does a series called Enchanted Endeavours, in which she talks about her Wicca faith, which I find very interesting. She also uploads makeup videos and monthly favorites. I’m also in love with her fashion style, hope she’ll do more lookbooks in the future.



(picture: IG @jessethereader)
Jesse features a lot of popular YA books on his channel, which mostly fall into the contemporary genre.

Sanne / booksandquills

(picture: IG @booksandquills)
Sanne incorpertes a great mix of books of different genres in her videos.

Sasha / Abookutopia


(picture: IG @abookutopia)
Sasha features mostly popular YA books. Her preferred genres are  fantasy, sci-fi and adventure.


Cristine / SimplyNailogical


The woman who started the 100 layers trend and made the word holosexual socially acceptable. She’s hilarious and creates great nail art.


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