Neve Cosmetics Haul + Eyeshadow Review

I recently purchased a lot of makeup from Neve Cosmetics. They are an Italian, cruelty-free beauty brand. They sell skincare and makeup, including face powders, cream products, primers, lip products, eyeliners, eyeshadows and pigments in a great variety in neutral as well as colorful shades.
I’m not sure if all of their products are vegan, but everything I purchased is. I know some people are not the biggest fan of talc, so I wanted to mention, that the main ingredient in their eyeshadows is talc.



What I purchased:
Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette
Intentssimi Eyeshadow Palette
three single pressed eyeshadows
Deer Lash Mascara
three glitters & one pigment

3 gifts included in my order:
a pouch
a lipliner&lipstick duo
a single pressed eyeshadow

I’ve tested everything expect for the mascara and lip product for a few weeks now.

Eyeshadow Palettes:
Each palette contains 10 large pressed eyeshadows (3g, perimeter 3,6cm). The shadows are mostly matte or posses a subtle velvet sheen, so subtle in fact, that they would still work in the crease. There’s no glitter in any of these shades. The palettes are super affordable at a price of 26,80€ (2,68€ per eyeshadow). Every shade (at least in the two palette I bought) can also be purchased individually for 4,20€. They’re generally easy to blend, some of the neutral colors have a lot of kickback, but I didn’t notice any fallout.
The packaging is made of lightweight plastic, but feels sturdy , there’s no mirror in the palettes. The eyeshadows are not glued down and can easily be depotted.
Note: When I swatched these eyeshadows on my arm, they’re quite sheer at first, but as you can see, they can be build up without getting patchy. I’ve used two to three layers for every color, to build them up to this intensity. However they apply pigmented on the eyes.

Elegantissimi Palette:
Coco – matte white. Highly pigmented.
Eloite – shimmery champagne with yellow undertone. Light to medium pigmentation. Applies well with a brush or your fingers. I tried it as a face highlight, it gives a nice subtle glow to the skin, but it will only suit pale to light skintones, I guess I won’t be able to use this as a highlight in summer but right now it looks nice.
Butterfly – matte light orangey shade.
Bonbon – matte very warm orangey beige. For my skin tone it’s the perfect warm transition shade. On cool toned skin it might ring a bit too orange.
Noisette – matte light neutral brown. Great to subtly define the crease, for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look.
Smoking – midtoned grey. Works well for contouring, when applied with a fluffy brush and light hand. If you want to use this in your crease, built it up slowly. It can be easy to apply too much at once.
Peluche – midtoned greyish brown with a satin sheen. Applies well with a brush or fingers.
Croissant – redtoned bronze with a satin sheen. Basically the same as Peluche but with a warm reddish tint.
Espresso – neutral dark brown.
Black Sheep – matte black. Not a very intense black.

Every color in this palette is lipsafe.

Would I recommend? Yes, if are in need of matte neutral shadows, this is definitely a great option. This is more suited for people, who like warm-toned eye makeup, since the lighter colors (that I consider transition shades) are very warm.
Especially if you wear makeup everyday, this is great, because you get a lot of product, so you won’t be hitting pan for a long time. Even if you would use up any shade in here, you could simply repurchase it. If you already own a similar neutral palette, that you’re happy with, you probably won’t need this. If you’re into really dark eye looks, keep in mind that the black is not very intense.

Intentssimi Palette:
Bananas – matte bright yellow. Highly pigmented. Lipsafe
Magma – looks like a true bright orange in the pan, it rings slightly pink when swatched. Matte. Mixed with Diva it makes a very nice blush color, just make sure you use a light hand and fluffy brush, since this color is highly pigmented. Lipsafe
Watermelon – matte hot pink. Highly pigmented. Might work as a blush on darker skin, for me it’s too bright and too pigmented. Lipsafe
Diva – matte pink, slightly cooler and a bit lighter than Watermelon. Works as blush too, just make sure you use a light hand and fluffy brush, since this color is highly pigmented. Lipsafe
Velvet – matte midtoned cool purple. Medium pigmentation. Can also be used as blush.
Alien – matte yellowy green. This shade is very sheer when applied with a brush, therefor it can be used as a transition color or to blend out other shades. If you want this color to be opaque, apply it with fingers on top of a white base.
Grass – slightly shimmery grass-green (as the name suggests), highly pigmented.
Aquario – slightly shimmery bright turquoise. Medium pigmentation.
Brivido – matte torquoise, slightly bluer than Aquario. Highly pigmented.
Nightlife – matte midtoned blue. Highly pigmented. Lipsafe

Would I recommend? Yes, if you want to get into colorful makeup, this is a great way to start. Since these shades are mostly matte, they’re very versatile. The color selection is great, for anyone who wants a wide range of colors. It would have been nice to get a bright red and a royal blue in this palette too, however that’s just personal preference. The pans are (as mentioned before) quite big, so these shadows can be easily used on the face, too. However if you’re just interested in a few shades, you can of course purchase them individually.

Single Eyeshadows:
Neve’s single eyeshadows retail for 4,20€, except for their duochrome shades, which are 5,80€.  

Future – matte white-based lavender. A very unique and versatilely usable shade. I’d categorize the pigmentation somewhere between sheer and medium, it can be build up though. Works as blush too, use a dense brush to apply to get a better pigmentation. Lipsafe.
Red Carpet – matte imperial red. Applies evenly and opaque, can be built up to a darker color. Can be used as a blush, but be very careful, it’s super pigmented. Lipsafe.
Quadrifoglio – satin forest green. Highly pigmented. Go in with a light hand and built it up slowly, because it’s easy to overdo it.


Full size (7,90€ 2g):
Jellyfish – sheer pink & orange glitter, with a yellow shift. Lipsafe
Glaciazione – sheer white and baby blue glitter.Lipsafe
mini (3,90€ 0,7g):
Aurora Boreale – sheer white and pink/purple glitter.Lipsafe
Compilation – metallic burned orange pigment with a pink reflect. This is definitely a unique color. Applies even and opaque, but can be sheered out, if you want to. For darker skin tones this could be a great blush or highlight, when sheered out. Keep in mind though, that this shade has glitter in it. Lipsafe

Would I recommend? Either you love or you hate glitter. I never used glitter before, so I can’t compare these to any other brand. However if you’re a glitter fan, I think you’ll like these, they are extremely beautiful. The pigment is also very great, I think you can’t go wrong with these. The full size products have a rotating sifter for a mess free use. If your interested in any of their pigments or glitters, there’s a YT video, where all shades are swatched.

As mentioned, I received two extra products in my order:
Single Eyeshadow in Black Sheep – It’s nice that they included an extra eyeshadow in my order, however this shade is also included in the Elegantissima Palette, so I don’t need it. I gave it to a friend.
duebaci Money – I also received a neon orange lipliner and lipstick duo, which felt very nice, when I applied it. The lipliner is a bit stiff, but it’s still easy to apply and distributes color evenly. I didn’t wear it for a long time, so I can’t tell you how long it lasts.

Looks I’ve created:

Shades used: Future, Velvet, Coco, Nightlife and Glaciazione.

Neve Cosmetics shades used: Magma (crease), Velvet (outer corner), Brivido (lower lashline) other shades: Molton Chocolate by Makeup Revolution, Mauve Crush by Maybelline

Neve Cosmetics shades used: Grass, Coco, Bananas, Magma; Nightlife, Diva, Coco, Future

Neve Cosmetics shades used: Coco, Etoile, Bonbon, Noisette, Croissant, Espresso, Smoking

(When I take pictures of other looks, I’ll add them here too)

Shipping info:
You can order on their website, but you can find them in other online shops, too. They ship Europe-wide via DHL, shipping costs 12,90€ for orders outside of Italy, if you’re from Italy it’s 4,90€. There’s no minimum order value, but for any order under 19€ you have to pay an additional 2€ price for packaging. For any order over 99€ (or 69€ when you’re from Italy) shipping is free.
I didn’t pay for shipping, because my order was over 100€. Two days after ordering it arrived at my doorstep.

Have you tried anything from Neve Cosmetics? Tell me, what’s your favorite product? Are there any other indie brands I should try?


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