bh Cosmetics Haul + First Impression

I finally decided it’s time to expand my brush collection. I’ve used the bh Cosmetics Pop Art Brush Set for three years and I still love it. However I only had three eye brushes, therefore I wanted to get some more. Because I was very satisfied with bh cosmetics brushes, I decided to get more from this brand, plus they’re super affordable. I got 16 new brushes in total for 33€. What a bargain!

DSC_0008Smokey Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set
Large Diffusion Tapered Brush 1
Small Diffusion Tapered Brush 2
Tapered Precision Brush 3
Eye Shader Brush 4
Smudger Brush 5
Eye Detailing Brush 6
Bend Liner Brush 7

DSC_0010Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set
Blending Brush 101
Large Shader Brush 102
Small Shader Brush 103
Angled Blending Brush 104
Pencil Brush 105
Fine Liner Brush 106
Small Angled Brush 107

two more Small Angled Brushes (number 21)

First Impression:

I haven’t used all brushes on my eyes yet, but they all feel soft. I really enjoyed the blending brushes. I can’t believe I never owned on before, they make my life so much easier. The big tapered blending brush is too big for my preferences, but if you don’t have hooded eyes, you might like it

The Pencil Brush and the Eye Detailing Brush are my favorites, because they can be used for detail work. I used the Pencil Brush in my first ever attempt of a cut crease and it worked very well. I like to use the Eye Detailing Brush for my inner corner highlight.

The angled brushes I bought separately are the same size as the angled brush in the Pop Art Set and the Eye Essential Set, the only different is the color of the bristles, they work exactly the same though. It might seem obsessive to own four brushes that are exactly the same,but it’s my most used brush and I wanted to have one for my brows, one for dark colors, one for light colors and one for glitters.

The smudger brush and shader brushes are also great.


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