Full Face Using One Eyeshadow Palette

If you are a makeup addict, it can be hard to stop yourself from buying new products all the time. So I like to remember, that I don’t need a lot of products to create a complete look. That’s why I wanted to create a look with just one palette.

I’m using is the Elegantissimi Palette by Neve Cosmetics. It’s a neutral mostly matte eyeshadow palette with massive pans, therefor it’s easy to use on the face, because you can easily get into the pans with bigger brushes. Another bonus is that this palette is affordable, cruelty-free and vegan.


For contouring I’m using Smoking, the midtoned grey in the palettes. I applied it light handedly with a fluffy brush, since it’s very pigmented. For bronzing , I used a mix of Noisette and Croissant on the same fluffy brush, concentrating it on my cheeks, because I often use bronzer as blush anyway. For a ‘glow from within’ kind of highlight, I use a smaller dense brush and applied Etoile on top of my cheek bones.

I mixed Smoking and Espresso to fill in my brows. For my eye look I used Bonbon, Noisette and Smoking in the crease, Espresso in the outer corner and on the lower lashline, Croissant all over the lid and Etoile and Coco in the inner corner.

Every color in this palette is lipsafe, so I could’ve used any, but I wasn’t feeling it.

For Mascara I used Yves Rocher’s 360° Mascara.


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