My Dream Crate

Loot Crate reached out to me and asked me to participate in the Dream Crate Project and come up with my perfect Crate. If you never heard of Loot Crate, it’s a monthly subscription service. You can get a box (aka Crate) filled with nerdy merchandise, like collectibles or clothing items. Anyone can be part of this project by just writing a blog post about everything you’d want to receive in your ideal crate. There are no rules, you can include anything, even if it’s not actually possible. A thing to keep in mind is the theme though, every Loot Crate is themed (e.g. Distopia, Versus, Speed), so make sure you include one as well. Loot Crate will highlight some ideas on social media. There’s also the possibility, that your Dream Crate might become real!

I love fandom related clothing and accessories, so that’s exactly what my perfect Crate would contain. What I appreciate most about Loot Crate are the original designs. So I wanted to include some original ideas, too. I included some sketches, keep in mind that I’m not an artist though.



A few ideas for items popped into my head immediately, but I couldn’t come up with a theme, that ties everything together. However I noticed that everything is pretty colorful, so I decided to go with the theme “Color”.

Gabumon Cropped Baseball Shirt

Digimon was probably my first obsession and Gabumon is definitely one of my favorite digimons. I’d totally love to own a crop top, like the one I sketched above. This is an idea, I had for a long time actually. If I ever come across a light blue and yellow colored baseball tee, I’ll totally DIY this.

Infinity Gauntlet Choker
I’m obsessed with the MCU and Marvel in general and it would be great to have marvel related jewelry. My idea is inspired by this incredible hand chain.

It’s gorgeous, but I don’t like wearing anything on my hands and with my clumsiness, I would probably get caught on something and rip this to pieces. Therefore it could be lovely to get this as a choker.

Hogwarts Houses Compact Mirror

How could I not include Harry Potter? I’m actually in need of a compact mirror, and it would be awesome to get one with this awesome and colorful design by anggatantama on deviantart. Tell me in the comments what your Hogwarts House is, I’m a Ravenclaw.

Spyro The Dragon Pillowcase

I don’t think Spyro was ever featured in any Crate before, so it’s about time! I didn’t quite know, how to include this fandom, until I came across this adorable fanart by creaturology on tumblr. This would make a beautiful pattern for a pillowcase. I would prefer a more neutral background – like a medium grey or black – though.

Tardis Eyeshadow by Shiro Cosmetics

Doctor Who is a TV show I’m absolutely obsessed with. So I wanted to include something DW related. I’m also a sucker for colorful makeup, which makes this product perfect for me. The brand Shiro Cosmetics is well known for it’s fandom inspired makeup products, so it would perfectly fit into a Loot Crate, their products are also cruelty-free and vegan. Wouldn’t it be fun to get makeup in a Loot Crate?

What would be in your perfect Crate? Tell me in the comments or write a blog post about it, I’d love to see what you come up with.


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