Project Pan (Intro)

I’ve known that a panning community exists, but until recently I didn’t know much about it. However I discovered a new YouTube channel (Kelly Gooch) and I watched all of her videos, including her Project Pan videos and suddenly I understood, why panning is so popular.


There aren’t a lot of products in this pan. Because I don’t use makeup on a daily basis, I won’t be able to finish a ton of products. I’m also transitioning to cruelty-free, therefore a majority of this pan are non-cruelty-free products I enjoy using, but I want to get out of my collection. I’m hoping I can finish all of these products until the end of the year.

Yves Rocher 360° Mascara (19,90€)

Like mentioned before, I want to use up my non-cruelty-free products and this is one of them. This mascara is my current favorite and this is the second tube I’ve purchased. It’s lengthening, separating and pitch black, it doesn’t crumble and it isn’t hard to remove. I already bought a new cruelty-free mascara, but I’ll not open it, until I have finished this one.

p2 Sunshine Finish Bronzing Powder in Acapulco Sun (3,45€|8g)

It’s unknown whether or not p2 tests on animals, therefore I’d prefer to own a bronzer, that definitely wasn’t tested on animals, maybe I’ll find one by Essence or Catrice. It’s still a really good product and as you can see, it’s well loved, I already hit pan. In winter I’ve used very little of this, but I got a bit tanner recently, so it’s the perfect time to use it more often.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Tantalizing Taupe (6,65€|4,4g)

Again a non-cruelty-free product, I want to use up. This is a very nice nude on me. But I actually rarely use it on my lips, however I love to use it as a blush, it’s my perfect blush color and I love the luminosity it gives, because it’s a cream product. If you know any cruelty-free dupes for this color let me know!

Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara (1,95€|9ml)

This is a nice affordable and cruelty-free product. I want to use this up, because I want to try other brow gels, hopefully I’ll find one that provides more hold. I already purchased one by NYX, but I’ll not open it, until I’ve finished this one. Realistically this one will be the easiest to finish. It’s hard to know how much I used up already, but I’m guessing I’ve already used half of it.

Alverde Face Oil (2,95€|15ml)

This is a really nice face oil, but I don’t use oils too often on my skin. However I love using this on my hair. But I’ve restrained myself from using it this way, because I didn’t want to run out of it. Which is pretty silly, when you think about. After all, if you love a product, you should use it. It’s a very small bottle and I’ve already used half of it, so I’m pretty sure I will use it up fairly quickly.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress, hope you have a nice day.


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