Current Favorites

Lethal Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Afterglow & Backdraft


I have only tried four eyeshadows by Lethal Cosmetics so far, all of them are shimmery and the formula is consistent through out the shades. They’re very soft and powdery, you get quite a bit of kick up, but I don’t mind that. They apply well with your fingers or brushes. Like any other metallic shades, these go on more intense with a wet brush, but you don’t necessarily have to wet your brush, to get a satisfing result. Like I’ve mentioned I got four shades, which are all lovely, but the ones I use the most are Afterglow and Backdraft.
Afterglow is a sheer pale blue shimmery eyeshadow, because it’s so reflective I love to use it in the inner corner or inner third of my eyes or as a face highlighter.
Backdraft is a coral with golden shimmer. I’m now getting the whole peach/coral trend, because this shade is really flattering.


NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake


I really like the NYX Butter glosses. They’re nicely pigmented, not sticky and they don’t try out my lips, even if I wear them for a couple of hours.

Neve Cosmetics Eyeshadows


Most of my eyeshadow collection consists of Neve Cosmetics. Their eyeshadows are very easy to work with, because they’re easy to built up and easy to blend. I especially love the colorful shades. There are no specific shades I’ve used recently, I like to play with all of them.

Rival de Loop Young 2in1 peel-off base coat


As the name suggests, this product enables you to peel off everything you apply on top. It’s perfect for me, because I’ve always been lazy when it comes to removing nail polish.

What are your current favorites?


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