One Eyeshadow Three Looks

I’ve recently been loving the Lethal Cosmetics single eyeshadow in Backdraft. It’s a pretty peach/coral with golden reflects. I’ve been using it a lot, so I wanted to share some looks I created with this.

Soft Peachy Eyes & Black Lips


I wanted to create a blown-out soft eye look. So I mixed three matte shades in my crease: a white, an orange and a pink, to get a similar color like Backdraft, but with a matte finish. I applied Backdraft all over my lid. For my inner corner highlight I used a sheer light blue shimmer.

To add a bit of edge to this look, I paired it with black lips.

Peach & Pink Smokey Eyes


For a smokey look I used a matte pink in my crease and outer corner. I deepened the outer v with an imperial red and dark brown eyeshadow. I used Backdraft on the inner third of my eyes. I used a matte white and shimmery champagne on the inner corner. I paired this look with a pink lipstick.

Sunset Eyes


I used a matte yellow in my crease and a matte orange in my outer v. This time I lightly dusted Backdraft on my lids with a fluffy brush to get a wash of color and shine. I also very lightly applied a reddish cream shadow as liner and highlighted my inner corner with a sheer blue shimmer.

3 Cruelty-Free Summer Looks

Look One

Base: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Crease: Neve Cosmetics Velvet, Nightlife
Lid: Lethal Cosmetics Afterglow (inner half), Ascension(outer half)
Outer V: Neve Cosmetics Espresso
Lower Lash Line: Neve Cosmetics Bananas (inner third), Red Carpet (outer third), Lethal Cosmetics Backdraft (center)

Blush: Neve Cosmetics Red Carpet
Bronzer: Neve Cosmetics Noisette

Lips: NYX Cosmic Metals Lipcream in Fuchsia Fusion

Look Two

(inspired by Linda Hallberg)

Base: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Neve Cosmetics Bananas
Crease: Neve Cosmetics Noisette, Croissant, Espresso
Lid: Neve Cosmetics Croissant, Espresso, Etoile, Lethal Cosmetics Afterglow
Lower Lash Line: Neve Cosmetics Bananas, Noisette, Espresso

Blush: Neve Cosmetics Red Carpet
Bronzer: Neve Cosmetics Noisette
Highlighter: Neve Cosmetics Etoile

Lips: Essence Cosmetics Lipstick in Wear Berries!

Look Three

Base: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Crease: Neve Cosmetics Velvet, Diva
Lid: Neve Cosmetics Espresso, Aquario, Catrice My Mermint, Lethal Cosmetics Afterglow
Inner Corner: Lethal Cosmetics Afterglow
Lower Lash Line: Neve Cosmetics Aquario, Catrice My Mermint

Bronzer: Neve Cosmetics Noisette
Highlighter: Essence Nude Highlighter, Neve Cosmetics Etoile

Lips: NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake


Here are some products, that look really interesting and that I might end up buying. Tell me what products you’re interested in, I’d love to know.

(maybe) ABH Subculture Palette

This palette looks very intriguing to me. Looking at the swatches, it seems like I don’t have colors like this in my collection. I also feel like this is a cohesive palette, you can create a lot of looks with. I’m also really into these pops of colors. However, when any product I want to get is super hyped, I like to wait until the hype dies down and see if I still want to purchase it.

LH Cosmetics Mood Crayons


I like LH Cosmetic’s concept, all of their products are designed to be used on any part of your face or body, which is great, I’m all for multi-use products. Also Linda Hallberg is the owner of LH Cosmetics and she’s just incredible! The newest addition to the LH Cosmetics line are “Crayons”, basically multi-use pencils. They’re 15€ each, which is more than I’d typically spend on one makeup product. You can buy them in bundles though and since I want to get all bold shades anyway, I want to pickup the Mood Crayon Kit for 52€ (10,40€ per pencil).

Nabla Cosmetics Metallic Shadows and Liquid Lipsticks

I discovered Nabla Cosmetics through Jkissa’s videos. They’re a cruelty-free indie brand from Italy. Especially their metallic eyeshadows scream my name.
Shades I’m interested in are: Absinthe, Selfish, Pegasus, Cattleya, Zoe, Lilac Wonder
I’m also interested in one matte shades: Caramel. I’m usually not big on neutral colors. I’m not someone who needs neutrals in tons of different undertones, however I think this shade seems quite unique, because of it’s strong yellow undertone. It reminds me of Melt Rubbish, but this is obviously more affordable.
(6,50€|2,5g each)

I want to try at least one of their new Liquid Lipsticks, too. Black Champagne, a rich black, is definitely a color I want to pick up. Antimatter, a rose-gold, also looks stunning, I haven’t seen a lot of lip swatches of this shades through, so I can’t tell if it will perform well, so I’m not sure if I should get it.  (14,90€|3ml each)

Neve Cosmetics Eyeliners

I have a hard time to decide what I want to purchase from Neve Cosmetics, because I basically want everything.  I’ve already tried a couple of their products and I love their matte pressed eyeshadows, loose pigments and glitters.
I want to try their eyeliners. The shade selection is enormous and it’s hard not to buy every single one. For now I’ve settled for the shades: Narwhal, Serpendipity, Illusion and Reversal. (5,80€|1,5g each)

Lethal Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow and Liquid Lipstick

Lethal Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and 100% vegan indie brand from Germany. They just came out with a summer collection. Eventhrough all eyeshadow colors are gorgeous, I’m just getting Remission(6€|1,7g): a matte peach shade, which is basically the matte version of their shade Backdraft, that I already own. I’ve been really into peach/coral looks right now and this would be a perfect addition to my collection.

I’m interested to see, how well their matte shades perform, I have only tried shimmers by Lethal Cosmetics.

Another eye catching item is their Chimera Liquid Lipstick (17€|5g|0.17oz) in Whistle Blower. I love unconventional shades, but a lot of times they can look very dry and cracked, this looks really nice through, I definitely want to try it.

Urtekram Haircare

I’ve been mostly using natural haircare for years now, but I haven’t found a product I fell in love with. So I searched for some more natural and cruelty-free brands online and found Urtekram.

Rose Leave-in Conditioner  ( 6,95€ | 250ml)


I like to use Leave-In Conditioners or oils to get some life back into my hair in between washes. This is supposed to moisturize, soften and make your hair more shiny. I have dry and dull hair, so this sounds like it was made for me. I’ll get this as soon as I run out off my current Leave-in Conditioner, which will probably take some time.

No Perfume Conditioner ( 7,95€ | 250ml )


I also want to try a regular conditioner by this brand, when I’ve finished my current one. For now I’ve settled for this one.

Holographic Nail Polish:

It’s finally time to come out as a holosexual on this blog! I’d love to own some holographic nail polishes, especially now that I have started painting my nail again. There are a few cruelty-free brands that are available here in Germany. I’m not sure which brands I’ll purchase from or which colors I’ll choose, but I know I want to get something holographic.

Color Club (11,45€ | 15ml |
Starrily (13,70€ | 15ml |
FUN Lacquer (12€ | 12ml |
100% pure (13€ | 14,7ml)
Essence holo rainbow polishes (coming soon)

If you have tried any of the products I mention, please tell me what you think of them!

Current Favorites

Lethal Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Afterglow & Backdraft


I have only tried four eyeshadows by Lethal Cosmetics so far, all of them are shimmery and the formula is consistent through out the shades. They’re very soft and powdery, you get quite a bit of kick up, but I don’t mind that. They apply well with your fingers or brushes. Like any other metallic shades, these go on more intense with a wet brush, but you don’t necessarily have to wet your brush, to get a satisfing result. Like I’ve mentioned I got four shades, which are all lovely, but the ones I use the most are Afterglow and Backdraft.
Afterglow is a sheer pale blue shimmery eyeshadow, because it’s so reflective I love to use it in the inner corner or inner third of my eyes or as a face highlighter.
Backdraft is a coral with golden shimmer. I’m now getting the whole peach/coral trend, because this shade is really flattering.


NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake


I really like the NYX Butter glosses. They’re nicely pigmented, not sticky and they don’t try out my lips, even if I wear them for a couple of hours.

Neve Cosmetics Eyeshadows


Most of my eyeshadow collection consists of Neve Cosmetics. Their eyeshadows are very easy to work with, because they’re easy to built up and easy to blend. I especially love the colorful shades. There are no specific shades I’ve used recently, I like to play with all of them.

Rival de Loop Young 2in1 peel-off base coat


As the name suggests, this product enables you to peel off everything you apply on top. It’s perfect for me, because I’ve always been lazy when it comes to removing nail polish.

What are your current favorites?

Drugstore Peel off Basecoat?

So, I’m obsessed with Cristine‘s videos and they really made me want to start wearing nail polish again. However, I’m too lazy to remove my nail polish, so I’d have specks of remaining nail polish on my nails, until everything wore off. Through Cristine I discovered what a peel off basecoat is. In case you’ve never heard of it, this kind of basecoat allows you to completely peel off everything you put on top, so you can remove your nail polish easily without using any nail polish remover. Cristine actually did a whole video on peel off basecoats, unfortunately none of the ones, that performed well, are cruelty-free (to my knowledge).

So I searched the internet for cruelty-free peel off basecoats & found nothing. However my friends got me some nail stuff for my birthday, including a peel-off basecoat that happens to be cruelty-free.


The product I’m talking about is the Rival de Loop Young 2in1 Peel Off Base & Colour Stop. Your supposed to be able to use this a peel-off basecoat and on top of your skin to protect it from messy nailart. I have only tried it as a basecoat.

Application: This basecoat didn’t feel any different, than any regular basecoat I’ve tried before. The formula is thin and easy to apply evenly on the nail. Once I applied it to all of my nails, it seemed like it was already dry on the hand I painted first. I still waited a few minutes before putting on nail polish, just to make sure it’s completely dry. It dries down clear with a semi-matte.

Removal: Instead of a wooden stick, I just used my nails to lift up the nail polish, beginning at my cuticles (without any nail oil), which was super easy.
One coat: The nail polish didn’t come off in one piece, however it comes off in big pieces for the most part. Nail polish at the tip of the nail is the hardest to remove, it comes off in a lot of small pieces and involves a bit of scratching, but if you put on some nail oil (or face oil whatever) and let it sit on your nails for a while, the polish will come off a lot easier.
Two coats: The nail polish lifts up in one piece.


Two coats (left) vs. one coat (right)

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Anti-Haul #2 – New or Up-Coming Eyeshadow Palettes

I’m not really an eyeshadow palette lover. I have to like at least 90% of the shades in a palette, without getting duplicates of colors, I already own in my collection. So it’s quite unlikely, that I will ever find an eyeshadow palette worth investing in, I’d much rather buy single shadows. Therefore I’m very critical when it comes to palettes, so I just wanted to focuse on a few new or up-coming releases and share my opinion. I’ll also share some alternatives to these products.

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6 Ways To Use Eyeshadow Sticks

I don’t have and I don’t want to have an enormous makeup collection, therefore I like to buy products, that can be used in multiple ways. In my opinion eyeshadow sticks are one of the most versatile products. I’ll mostly be talking about the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, just because they’re affordable and come in a big variety of shades. But of course use whatever products are accessible to you.

All over the lid & on the waterline – Probably the usual way people use eyeshadow sticks. Just apply it on you lids and blend it with your fingers. Or use it for a pop of color on the waterline.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Lavender and Rocky Mountain Green all over the lid and on the waterline (also used: Neve Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Quadrifoglio, Grass & Future)

Eyeshadow Base – Any kind of cream product will provide a great base for powder products to stick to, it can drastically increase the intensity of any powder eyeshadow you put on top. I guess the shade Milk, is best known to work great as a base to brighten up colorful eyeshadows. But you can essential use any shade, that you think looks nice with the makeup look you want to create. I have also used Black Bean as a base for black shadow, or Pure Gold as a base for a simple golden smokey eye. It’s also interesting to use sheer shimmery eyeshadows on top of eyeshadow sticks, to transform the color completely, it gives a duochrome effect.


left: Yellow Eyeshadow with and without white base (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk)
right: sheer blue and green shadow over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust

Mascara – Coat a spooley with the product and comb through your lashes. I like to use a regular black mascara first to thicken my lashes first and then go in with the eyeshadow stick afterwards to spice up the look. Of course you could use it on your brows too, if you want.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pure Gold as mascara (really hard to capture on camera but looks pretty cool irl)

Liner – Coat a small angled brush in the product and draw it on, just like you would with a gel liner.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pots and Pans as winged liner

On your cheeks – Just because it’s marketed as an eye product, doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your face. I like to use the shade Lavender as a highlighter base and apply a very light champagne eyeshadow on top to create a purple highlight, which is really on trend right now. The shade Strawberry Milk could be used in the same way. On my skin it’s too dark to act as a highlight, though. I could use it as a very luminous blush, if I feel like it.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lavender and Neve Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Etoile as highlighter

Lipstick – Because in most cases eyeshadow sticks are opaque and apply evenly, they can easily be used as a lipstick. Just a disclaimer, as far as I know, non of the eyeshadow sticks I own are marked as “lipsafe”. Of course I wouldn’t recommend using a product, that’s not approved for lip application for daily wear, but for a picture, a night out or a costume party it shouldn’t harm you.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean; p2 Eyeshadow Stick in #cool (LE) and MUR eyeshadow in Green Envy; NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust and Maybelline Lipstick in Tantalizing Taupe

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a wonderful day.

Project Pan (Intro)

I’ve known that a panning community exists, but until recently I didn’t know much about it. However I discovered a new YouTube channel (Kelly Gooch) and I watched all of her videos, including her Project Pan videos and suddenly I understood, why panning is so popular.


There aren’t a lot of products in this pan. Because I don’t use makeup on a daily basis, I won’t be able to finish a ton of products. I’m also transitioning to cruelty-free, therefore a majority of this pan are non-cruelty-free products I enjoy using, but I want to get out of my collection. I’m hoping I can finish all of these products until the end of the year.

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Anti-Haul | bh cosmetics, Stila, Kat Von D + more!

I love watching Anti-Hauls on YouTube and thought it would be fun to do it, too. You don’t know what an Anti-Haul is? It’s essentially a list of products you don’t want to purchase, with explanations on why you don’t want it. Kimberly Clarke came up with this idea.

There are actually tons and tons of brands I wouldn’t buy from, because of one main reason: The brands are not available in my country and shipping and custom fees are ridiculous.

However, it would be quite repetitive and boring, to include products because of this reason, so I just pretend shipping and custom fees don’t exist.

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