NYX & Forever21 Wishlist

I guess this seems a bit random, but there’s a reason I choose this two brands. I’m going to Berlin to see TATINOF next weekend, which I’m so excited about, but that’s a completely different topic!  I’m also excited for another reason. I’ll finally get my hands on NYX products and there’s also a forever21 in Berlin (one of only two forever21 stores in Germany!).

I love this store, because their clothes are unique, pretty and so affordable! I also follow them this brand on social media and omg they share the most amazing chokers on their pinterest, I’m predicting leaving this shop with at least ten of them! Here are a few I liked:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Because I’m so excited I also browsed through their website, just to get a feeling for what they have in stock at the moment and there’s one dress that I’ll definitely try on (hopefully it looks good!). Just look at it, isn’t it wonderful. I guess I’ll buy it in both colors, depending on how this looks one me.

Velvet Dress

Anyway let’s get to NYX. A few months ago a couple of brands, that were not – or only sparsely –  accessible in Germany before, were introduced to German drugstores. NYX is now available in dm, Makeup Revolution London in Rossmann and Sleek in Müller. There’s no dm near me, that carries NYX. But when I’m in Berlin, I can totally raid the whole NYX counter! From what I’ve heard on YT or blogs most of their products are amazing. There’re quite a few products I want to check out:

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Fashion DIY #1 – Fandom Basecaps

I’m a big fan of nerdy or fandom related fashion and when I saw this picture:

Summer vibes getting real 🌞🌸🦄✨also a huge thank you for 50K! That's crazy!!😽

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I knew I wanted to make my own customized basecap. So I just bought a simple black and a grey one from amazon for around 4€ each. I choose black because I wanted to recreate the design from Pokemon Go. On the grey one I wanted to include some of my favorite fandoms or just things I love. I choose grey instead of white because I didn’t want a harsh contrast between the hat and my dark hair.

I’ll talk you through step by step and give you some tips along the way.

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My First Lootcrate + Shipping Experience

I ordered my first Loot Crate! I choose the “Loot For Her” (Loot Wear option, formerly lvl up). Which basically means you get cool wearable fandom related items, which I love. Let me know if you wanna see a fandom/merch lookbook, because I have quite a collection.

Anyway, the first time I ever heard of Loot Crate was when I watched Bunny’s (Gav3yardgirl) unboxing video and I immediately knew I wanted to get one, too. Unfortunately I was too late to get the June’s Loot Crate (Theme: Distopian, featured fandoms: Ghostbusters, Firefly, AOT) and the one that followed didn’t really spark my interest (Theme: Futuristic). August’s theme was Anti Hero and the featured fandom was Harley Quinn so I decided to get it. I know I’m quite late with this post, but I didn’t receive my Loot Crate until the 15th of September.

In this blog post I want to talk about my first impression of Loot Crate and my experience with the shipping process to Germany. If you don’t care about the shipping just scroll to down to the pictures.

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Guilty Pleasure: Extreme Fashion

I love to scroll through pinterest and instagram to see really bold fashion pieces. Or to watch youtubers how have a really specific and interesting style. I don’t own anything extreme, I would like to though, but it’s mostly really expensive. Anyway I thought it’s a cool topic, hope you enjoy it.

Because I’m someone who get’s excited about anything really fast, I’m really bummed when I find out later that what I like is either super expensive or that the shipping charges are ridiculously high. So I decided to include the prices and shipping charges in this post. Tell me, if you like this idea. I would definitely appreciate it, if other people did this. By the way, I’m sorry that I put three different currencies in this post, I hope it isn’t too confusing.


A discovered this website through instagram and they sell really interesting shoes and bags. And I like that it isn’t too expensive, maybe I’ll order something from this website in the future (I’m not to sure though, because of the shipping)?

Sea Treasure Bag – $38.00Uniskelly Purse – $39.00 , UFO Crossbody Bag – $45.00


US: $4.95 (free shipping over $75)
Canada: $8.95 (free shipping over $75)
UK, Australia and New Zealand: $10 (free shipping over $100)
Rest of the world (220 countries): $20-$35 (free shipping over $200-$350)

ZombiePeepshow (Etsy)

I heard of this etsy shop, when I watched Kelly Eden’s shoe collection video (which is hilarious btw). I don’t think I’d wear any of these, but they’d are just incredible! By the way this shop is based in Texas, but I didn’t know how to change the currency on etsy, that’s why everything is in €.

Mermaid Shoes – 236,23 , T-Rex Shoes 236,23 €


There’s a list of countries, so you can select where you’re from. I click through a couple and it seems to be the same shipping charges (54,52 ) for any country (except US). There isn’t a general price for the US, you have to type in your postal code to get the price.

Irregular Choice

I’ve been familiar with this brand for a while, because I watch Chyaz on youtube. I really like the fandom related shoes they do. I’m actually not a big Star Wars fan, but those shoes are incredible!

One Lump Or Two? £199.00 , Skywalker £210, Millennium Falcon £160


UK: £3.00-£10.00 (there’s quite a few delivery services to choose from, so I just included the highest and lowest price)
Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany and Netherlands: £5.00/6.25€
Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Poland: £7.50/9.38€
Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Latvia: £10.00/12.50€
Non-EU and Rest of World: from £10.00/12.50€/$14.50
USA: $9.95 (free shipping over $100)



As far as I know these and bags are only sold on Yahoo! Auction Japan. They are really popular and sell for $500-$700. I stumbled upon one on amazon, but I doubt it’s a legitimate offer because it’s sold for under $200, I just can’t imagine it’s possible.

If you know any other shops I might like, please tell me. Especially if they are affordable and are Europe based, because I hate paying much on shipping.

I’m kind of want to create really extreme DIY shoes, would you like to see that? I have a pretty cool idea, I’d still take suggestions though.

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Spring and Summer Haul

A friend of mine cleared out her wardrobe last month. I got to look through everything she didn’t want anymore and found quite a few pieces I liked, all of those are marked with *. I also bought three clothing items when I went shopping. So here’s everything I’ve recently added to my wardrobe, hope you enjoy it!


Blouse: Vero Moda*  –  Shorts: H&M*

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NYE Party: Outfit + Makeup

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, I certainly did. I invited my best friends over and we spend the evening eating and drinking.

Anyway because I really liked my outfit and makeup, I wanted to share it with you.

  • long sleeved crop top: h&m
  • crop top: newyorker
  • faux leather pants: h&m
  • choker. six


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