Quince Mulled Wine + Vegan Cookies

This year I had a lot of quinces at my disposal, so decided to experiment a bit. If you can’t get hold of any quinces, you can use apples. Or go straight for apple juice, when it comes to the mulled wine. Please note that the cookies will be very soft and gooey, so if you’re not into that, just skip this recipe.

White Quince Mulled Wine (2 liters):


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Official Doctor Who Cookbook – Review

I ordered the new Official Doctor Who Cookbook and wanted to share my first impression of it. I’m really particular when it comes to food, so I’d always like to know what kind of recipes are in a cookbook I’m interested in. That’s why I wanted to list every recipe at the end. Including a short description to help you decide whether you’d actually want to eat any of it.

The Basics:
There are 40 recipes in total, 16 of them are savory, the rest is sweet. Most of the recipes are  vegetarian but nearly none are vegan. Keep in mind that this isn’t a revolutionary cookbook, most recipes are pretty basic, the fun lies in the decoration.

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