2015 Wrap Up

I’m someone who is really bad at remembering, so I thought I write down some highlights of my year, so I can come back in a few years and relive everything by reading about it. Tell me what you liked (or hated) most in 2015.

I Created This Blog
This blog was created in march and I’ve been obsessed with wordpress for a while, but then I kind of lost interest. I guess that’s because I don’t follow enough blogs to keep me interested. If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments, I like anything fashion and fandom related or just people rambling about their life.

Leipzig Book Fair
The first time I visited the Leipzig Book Fair (Leipziger Buchmesse) was in 2011 and I loved it ever since. It’s open to the public from Thursday to Sunday on the second week of March. I only went on Sunday because Saturdays are crazy, there are just way too many people cramped into one place. I cosplayed Skye (Daisy Johnson) this year. If you want to see more pictures check out this post. Btw nobody recognized me :/


My best friend moved back to Germany
Definitely the best thing that happened this year. We were practically inseparable since kindergarden, but after we took our A-levels, she moved to Vienna to study there.
Since the end of August she’s back in Germany, even better we live in the same town! I think we met at least once a week since she’s back, it’s so great to be able to do that.

I completed my goodreads challenge
In 2014 read 33 books, I thought I wouldn’t have that much time to read in 2015, so I set the goal for 25, which I accomplished in September. I actually wanted to include my favorites here, but then this post would be endless. But I’ll share my 2015 Favorites in a few days.

I programmed an app. It’s something I had to do for my studies and my friend and I worked a long time on this. Here’s what it looks like.

This app has two features:
1. you can select the ring colors of a resistor and it calculates the value of the resistor
2. when given a cutoff frequency, it calculates the values of the resistor and capacitor of a simple low-pass or high-pass

Robot Competition
In fourth semester I took a subject called microprocessor technology, goal of this class was to built (not from scratch though) and program a robot. We had to take a test too and got divided into groups according to our grades, so that people with good and bad grades were in one team. At the end of the semester the robots had to compete against each other. Unfortunately we didn’t win, it was still a great experience!


Skye Cosplay (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

I’m glad I’m finally able to post this. I wore this cosplay in March, when I visited the Leipzig Bookfair (Leipziger Buchmesse). My best friend took this pictures with an analog camera, she gave them to me at the end of June and I didn’t have the time to scan them until recently. Anyway I hope you enjoy those pictures!

By the way, my wig was too dark to match Chloe Bennet’s hair color so I edited all the pictures to make my wig look lighter, but shh don’t tell anyone 😉

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