Father’s Day

In Germany we always celebrate Father’s Day on Ascension Day, which is a federal holiday. Traditionally groups of men go on a hiking trip and consume an awful lot of beer. When it comes to teenagers and young adult though, girl and boys alike use this holiday to get drunk as hell. Anyway I’m not a big drinker, but I still love spending time with my friends and just eat and talk a lot (while they also drink a lot). Here are some pictures of this day.

All pictures were taken by my best friend, go visit her blog.

If you’re not from Germany, tell me if you do anything special on Ascension Day and how you celebrate Father’s Day.


NYE Party: Outfit + Makeup

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve, I certainly did. I invited my best friends over and we spend the evening eating and drinking.

Anyway because I really liked my outfit and makeup, I wanted to share it with you.

  • long sleeved crop top: h&m
  • crop top: newyorker
  • faux leather pants: h&m
  • choker. six


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“Christmas Valley”

Christmas markets are basically my favorite part of December. But there’s one particular christmas market that I love the most. Situated in the middle of a forest, it spreads all along a hiking trail that’s 7,8 kilometers (4,8 miles) long, along this path you’ll see seven mills that are beautifully decorated, with lots of little booths that sell crafts, hot drinks and delicious food. The name of the hiking trail is Mühltal, literally translated “Mill Valley”, that’s why the Christmas Market is called Weihnachtstal (“Christmas Valley”). Here are some pictures I took. On one you can see my friend Anni holding a bow and arrow, because we had a little tournament between her, my father, my father’s friend and me. Anni actually won.

My favorite part of that day was the christmas parade, here are some photos.


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New Addiction

I discovered a new website! It’s called iflist.com

On this website you can share ideas you’d like to see turned into a movie or tv show, that might include your own ideas, novels, crossovers or spin-offs. Even cooler is the fact that you can propose which actor/actress should play which character and other people can like, dislike and comment on your suggestion.

It’s basically the perfect website for tv show, movie and book addicts, just like me.

If you use this website too, leave your link in the comments!

If you want to check out my profil here’s the link: http://www.iflist.com/users/126601

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I’m Not Into Boys…

I guess the headline can be quite misleading but that’s why I chose it.  When I say “I’m not into boys”, I’m not saying I’m a lesbian, in fact I have a boyfriend. For some reason I have to know a guy for like six months or longer before I can even think about him in a sexual or romantic way. I’ve tried explaining this phenomena to other girls before, but  no one except my best friend seems to get it. That’s why I’m sharing this today, because I wanted to know if anyone out there is like me, or if I’m just a weirdo.

It’s just something that really bothers me, since so many other girls talk about guys all the damn time, and I just don’t care, there’s no topic that’s less interesting to me. They’ll be like “omg, this guy is so cute, what do you think?” and I just want to roll my eyes and walk away.

Like seriously a university friend (who’s the only other girl in my semester) showed me her instagram feed once and there were so many (mostly topless) guys on it and she was like “omg, this guy is so hot” and “wait, I need to show you this other guy, he’s even hotter”, and I just thought: Please stop, they are not attractive to me because I don’t know them, argh. Plus most of them had a full beard, which I find really unattractive. If you look like santa clause you’re not getting in my pants, ever. (No offense to anyone who likes full beards, it’s just my opinion)

But at least there’s something positive about it (or at least I think it’s positive) and that’s the fact, that I never minded being single, because if I don’t care about guys and don’t think about them in a romantic way, I won’t be unhappy when I’m not with them. I think that’s kind of relaxing because I just don’t worry about this kind of “problems”.

I could write more about this but I don’t want to ramble, just tell me, can anyone of you relate to me? Please tell me in the comments. If you think I’m totally weird and you’re opinion completely differs from mine, tell me too.

What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You?

Can you guess someone’s personality by their facebook profile? Well, at least the University of Cambridge is trying! Let’s see how accurate it is!

A fellow student showed me this a few days ago. You just have to click this link


and log onto facebook to get your results.

Let’s check out my results!

Age and Gender

ageWell, this is pretty accurate. I’m actually 20 but I feel like a teenager anyway. And I’m female, in case you didn’t know, so that’s right too.

Sexual Preferences and Relationship Status


I’m 1% lesbian? I’m kind of disappointed, considering all my girl crushes I should be at least 50% lesbian. But after all this was created by looking at my facebook profile not my tumblr! Anyway I showed this to my best friend, who is a lesbian and her result was 2%. But it doesn’t surprise me, why would my sexuality influence what I like on facebook anyway? Let’s take a look at my relationship status. That is quite a BIG no, I’m actually in a relationship.

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Fashion Blogs on WordPress?

I want/need to follow some fashion blogs on wordpress (not bloglovin)!

If you know any please leave the link in the comments!

Btw, does anyone know how I can change my tag settings? When I search for any tags I only get results from Germany, but I would prefer to get international results, please help!

Introducing Myself!

Hello Blogger World!

This is my first attempt to write a blogpost, I’m not quite sure what I wanna do with this blog. I just felt like sharing what I like and what’s going on in my life.

I’m a 22 year old girl who studies electronics in a German town called Jena. Even though I’m not a teenager anymore I still feel like one, I have no idea what exactly I want to do with my life, feel free to follow my journey of finding out what I want to do/be in the future. (I’ll probably do a random facts about me post later on, if you want to know more about me!)

Here I’m gonna list some stuff that you might see on my blog:

  • Fashion: I love fashion and styling different outfits, some people might not like the way I dress, but I don’t care. If you like it use it as inspiration, if you don’t just ignore it!
  • Beauty/Makeup: Over zhe past years I’ve fallen completely in love with makeup. I like to incorporate some color into my eye makeup or experiment with unusual lipstick colors. However, I’m not too keen on skincare.
  • TV Shows, Movies, Books: I’m addicted to tv shows, if you’d follow me around you will either see me watching my fav shows or reading a book or aimlessly browsing the web. So brace yourself for me babbling about stuff I’ve watched and read, I might even do/create some tags.
  • Life: Of course when something interesting in my life happens, I’ll share it here. Stuff like vacations, concerts, conventions or just me having a lot of fun with my friends.
  • “Important” Topics / Advice: Everyone has another opinion on which topics are important or should be talked about. But if I deem something to be interesting I’ll share it here. I’m not the wisest person, I’m still young and naive but if there’s anyway can come up with useful advise for other I’ll share it here, too.
  • Cosplay: I love cosplaying, I might post some of my photos here. I just do “easy” cosplays, nothing that involves sewing (I don’t have a sewing machine). I might even post some pictures of other cosplayers.

    Sidenote: I’m from Germany, which means my mother tongue is German not English, I still decided to blog in English simply because the tv shows I watch are not exactly popular here and I want to reach a bigger audience. If I would write about them in German, I guess nobody would care.

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