A Trip to Aachen + Simple Plan Concert

Stefanie, one of my close school friends, moved to Aachen after we finished school. I’ve been in Aachen in 2014 to visit her for the first time, last week I went there a second time. I couldn’t stay for long, because I was working on a programming project for university until last Tuesday. I had to get back on Monday, because I had an examination talk yesterday, which I aced (yay!). Therefor I only stayed for 4 days: Thursday to Sunday. The reason I wanted to visit her in the first place, was because we wanted to go to the Simple Plan concert in Antwerp (and of course to see her again). Even though we didn’t do a lot of exciting things, except for the concert, I still wanted to write about it, because my memory is terrible. Anyway here’s what we got up to:

On the first day, a Thursday, I arrived in Aachen at 8pm. We didn’t do anything special that day, just relaxed, watched TV and she had to study for an exam. On Friday we had breakfast together and then she went to university and I went for a walk. I didn’t take any pictures, because to be honest Aachen isn’t exactly a beautiful city. Anyway I kinda got lost a little bit, but I made my way back. We didn’t see each other until 2pm because she went to wedding after her exam. When she came back, we cooked lunch together and just chilled for a moment. Then we went for another walk, this time to a park which was quite nice.


Aachen City Park

But honestly I was so exhausted after that, I’ve been walking for 4 hours on that day, which is great for my health, I guess, but I’m not used to so much walking. We spent the evening at her boyfriend’s flat and played some Smash Brothers on the GameCube and watched Guardians of the Galaxy.

On Saturday we had a nice big breakfast, took a lot of time to do our makeup and then went shopping. I bought a skirt (with pockets! Can you believe that?) and a red crop top. In the afternoon we wanted to eat waffles at „Wonder Waffle“ with a friend of hers and her boyfriend, but there were already a ton of people waiting in line, so we decided to get back to her place, play some Tekken 4 and try again later. A few hours later we went to the waffle place again, without any luck, there were still too many people waiting. Then we decided to pop into the next grocery store, to get the ingredients to make waffles at home. It was so delicious!


On Sunday, the day of the concert, we treated ourself to a beauty day, we did each others makeup, which was pretty hilarious. While we did that we also watched two episodes of Digimon (I love this show so much!). Afterwards we put on some sheet masks and had lunch. We had some time on our hands until her boyfriend picked us up, so we went for a short walk.When we arrived in Antwerp we ate a hot dog, with mustard and sauerkraut, that was kinda weird and the mustard was super hot, it was almost like eating wasabi. We didn’t see The Bottom Line live, we only heard a couple of songs by the second band, Ghost Town, because we were pretty late. But I didn’t mind that too much, because I would have been too excited to even listen to them anyway.

Simple Plan was awesome live! They even played my favorite songs: The Rest of Us, This Song Saved My Life and Perfect World. Best day of my life! I filmed a bit, here are some clips:

❤ #simpleplan

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The Rest of Us #simpleplan

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Summer Paradise #simpleplan

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After the concert we had a chat with on of the members of The Bottom Line, which we didn’t see live, because we were so late.


left to right: me, Matt Bicker (The Bottom Line), Christian (Stefanie’s boyfriend), Stefanie